Hair and Beauty Tips for a Winter Bride


Getting married in winters has its own perks. First of all winter is the most romantic season in India next, this is the time when you can indulge into maximum fun when it comes to dancing, eating or drinking. The season is also suitable for the bride to look perfect withouta sweaty face that could result in botched up mascara or ruined up bb creams or cc creams that could create and uneven face tone. But winter has its demerits too as it can run havoc on your hair, your face may get dryer and your lips may get patchy.

There are certainprecautions for the winter brides to look flawless that need to start much earlier than the D Day. The brides to be can ensure gorgeous skin and hair if they follow these hairs, beauty and makeup tips:

Keep the chapped lips and red noses at bay: Winters are synonymous with dry patchy lips and red noses. To avoid this from spoiling your bridal look, you need to take precautionary measures much before your wedding day. Start rubbing petroleum jelly on your lips, nose and elbow every night at least 10 days prior to the wedding to avoid those dry patches.


Condition your hair every time you wash: Hair can be a real headache during winter; they may get extremely dry and lose their shin. To avoid this dryness from spoiling your look on the wedding day, you need to use a decent conditioner for your hair and need to use it much before the wedding.


Exfoliate and moisturise your skin thoroughly: Much like your lips, you need to moisturise your face and skin during winters but not without exfoliation. Winters bring a layer of dead skin which needs to be removed before moisturising to ensure best results.


Use hair serum before styling:There may be multiple functions before your wedding and every time you would need to style your hair. The consistent use of dryers, straighteners and curlers may damage your hair further and by the time you reach your wedding day, your hair is completely messed up. To avoid this ensure that you use a proper hair serum every time you style your hair.


Use berry hues to get that pink bloom: Winter brides look gorgeous with berry and pastel hues. Be it your lip color, nail color, eye shadow or blusher, these hues bring a rosy glow to your face that is a must have for a bride.


Use the correct primer: The most important makeup elementfor a winter bride is the primer. The correct primer ensures your skin is even-toned without patches. This is very essential to ensure flawless skin.


Use heavy eye makeup: Although heavy eye makeup is not a god idea during summers but winters provide a great chance to try the makeup of your choice. Use the shades you like as there are no chances of it getting messed up and it is no secret that great eye makeup leads to great looks.


So follow these tips and ensure a stunning look on your best day ever.


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