Sisters and Friends at Indian Weddings


For an Indian bride, her sisters and friends are the most important persons during her wedding, even more than the groom! Though we do not call officially call them bridesmaids but they play the role of a bridesmaid to the T. Whether it be the bride’s looks, her dresses, her honeymoon shopping or her last minute jitters, sisters and friends take care of everything with perfection. So while they dance like crazy on her sangeet, the next minute they are ready to pin up her Lehenga. No Indian bride can imagine her wedding without her sisters and her best friends.

Here are the roles that the sisters and friends of the bride play during her wedding:

Shopping assistant: For a bride, everything right from her lingerie to her wedding dress are a big deal and it would be impossible for the bride to do this on her own had it not been for the sisters and friends. They are ready to accompany you everywhere, for everything you need to buy. They would not just give you advice on what to buy but readily hold the shopping bags for you.


Stylist: A sister or a friend may not have done a diploma in styling still she puts her best foot forward when it comes to styling the bride. They would use all their resources to get you the best wedding dress, the best jewellery and the best salon for your D day. She would scream crazy at the salon manager for the minute mistake in your looks and would take great pains to set it right. A sister or a friend is constantly by your side during your wedding reception and even if your dupatta slips by a millimetre she would get up and fix it for you.


Photographer: A bride needs to be captured in the lenses not just for her album but for the image uploads on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Who would capture the bride at every moment to ensure they have a lot of stuff to post on the social media account? It would be the friends and sisters.


Emcee: The sisters and friends of the bride not just work hard for a perfect bride but for a perfect wedding. They would be your ultimate facilitator and emcee; they would ensure you get the best deejays and the best planners for the various wedding ceremonies. They are the ones who ensure an electrifying Sangeet ceremony by preparing for days in advance and by dancing like crazy all night long.


Counsellor: Yes you will get the jitters and second thoughts before your wedding and you would get cold feet while even thinking about getting on that stage. This is the most natural mess any bride gets in, at this time it is the sister or the friend who would invariably come to your rescue. She would tell you how great everything will be and before you know it, you will be smiling.


So the next time you spot your sister or your best friend, do realise they are those heaven sent angels who would keep you alive during the most important day if your life.


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