5 trendy hairstyles for brides


It is no secret that Indian women have the most beautiful hair in the world. Indian women are known to have the most lustrous and gorgeous hair that they love to dress up in the most elegant manner. This love turns into a passion when an Indian woman turns into a bride! Thus she would ensure the best stylist does her hair.

Here are 5 trending hairstyles for Indian brides that make them look gorgeous:

  1. The twisted braid: One of the most classic hairdos, the twisted braid is a fairytale affair for Indian brides. Suitable to be worn during the pre-wedding functions with a Lehenga or a Saree, this hairdo looks very contemporary and never loses its charm. A wonderful hairdo to add volume to hair, this braid is created by twisting up the hair in a classic braid and it multiplies the charm of the bride.


  1. Sectioned bun: This is one of the most common hairstyles worn by most North Indian brides. This bun is created by adding sections of hair on a simple bun. The bun looks great on the oval faced brides and gives her that charming appeal by making her hair look crowned and voluminous.

You can improve the appeal of this hairdo by adding a flowery gajra to this bun while wearing a saree and is a great option during your pheras.


  1. Straight bun: One of the simplest yet elegant bun to don, this is a hairstyle tailor made for the women with straighter hair. The chic hairdo is created by elevating the hair on the crown and twisting them into the bun while keeping the rest of the hair straight and sleek. The style can be made even better by accessorising it with a gorgeous clip.


The wonderful bun can be further accessorised using a maang teeka. It is a great option to don with your wedding Lehenga.


  1. French Bun: The classic and royal French bun is one of the favourite hairstyles among stylists in India as well as outside. This is a hairdo adopted by elite and gorgeous celebrities including the Princess of the world. The classic bun is created by elevation part of the hair into a semi bun while letting a section of the hair fall down.

The front hair can be set up as fringes and you can also employ a maang teeka. The hairstyle looks great on gowns and can be worn during the cocktail and dinner.


  1. The classic Curls: Yes you may say that curls are an age old hairstyle but you cannot argue that they look damn good especially on the women with rounder face. The hairstyle is created by curling up the hair using tongs and giving them a shorter look. Accessorising the classic curls by using flowery clips immensely increases the bride’s looks. Thus look is easy to carry and looks great with a Lehenga.


So whenever you decide to tie the knot, do pick few of the above hairstyles for the different wedding functions and ensure a gorgeous look for your wedding.


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