How to look gorgeous without makeup


Every woman wishes to look gorgeous with minimal efforts, but with the stressed up that they have to lead these days, it gets pretty difficult to manage your personal and professional life while also looking great. Ultimately every woman’s last resort is to apply makeup to conceal those signs of unhealthy life that eventually start appearing on her face.

However there are certain practices that can do the trick for you with minimal investment. These tricks not just prevent your face from all those ills but also ensure that you look gorgeous at all times even when you have not put on any makeup. So read on to get that perfect look…

Wash your face several times during a day: The most prevalent reason for skin issues is dirt and germs settling on the face. These factors lead to a host of skin issues right from oily skin, pimples, dark spots, wrinkles and porous skin. The easiest measure to avoid the germ and dirt is to wash your face several times a day. You can either use a face wash or simply washing your face with water will also do the trick.


Apply toner: A toner is an important beauty agent that helps balance the healthiness of the skin. While improve the pH level of the skin, a toner also balance the oiliness of the skin while also manages the skin pores. Thus a toner helps improve the skin appearance by restricting oil appearance, blackheads, whiteheads and skin pores.


Exfoliate and moisturize your skin regularly: One of the major reasons for an unhealthy skin is blocked pores due to dead skin. This dead skin restricts the breathing of skin and leads to various skin issues including dark spots. An easy way to get rid of this problem is exfoliation.


Exfoliating your skin once a week immensely reduces the dead skin and increases skin health. Also remember to moisturise your skin regularly to decrease the appearance of dead skin layer.

Stay Hydrated: About 95% of your skin consists of water. Thus drinking water not just increases the elasticity of skin but also acts as a skin purifier. Thus it is a good idea to drink ample water in a day to improve not just the skin texture but to also get glowing skin.


Do not expose your skin to the sun: Another major reason for skin related issues is the harmful radiations from the Sun. Although we also get some good vitamins from the Sun yet it can also be a harmful agent which can cause wrinkles and dark spots. Thus try direct exposure to the Sun. The easiest way to do this is to use a decent Sunscreen that protects the skin from all the harmful benefits of the Sun.


Try natural Masks: Instead of using harmful cosmetics, try using natural masks or packs that can be created using organic products like grams and fruit pulps. These masks restore the skin vitality to a great extent.


So start following these simple tricks to ensure gorgeous looks minus the harmful and expensive make up!


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  1. shouldn’t you only wash your face twice a day?


  2. Thank you for post this article its awesome thing for get natural beauty.
    good job dear keep it up.


  3. Mahira says:

    nice job
    nice post
    nice blog


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