5 types of gorgeous shoes every bride must have in her trousseau


Setting up the trousseau of a bride to be needs careful planning as it should consist of everything that she may need just before, during and just after her wedding. So whether it be clothes, makeup or jewellery, everything is included keeping in mind the needs of the bride to ensure her comfort and good looks at all times. And when it comes to graceful looks, how can we forget shoes which are a very important part of a bride’s overall look. Shoes add a lot to the personality of women as it improves her posture and it also adds to her outfits. A bride may need different types of shoes for different occasions after the wedding.

Here is a list of 5 must have shoes for a bride’s trousseau that ensure great looks depending upon the need of the occasion:

Peep toes- Peep toes are the trendiest pick for women in terms of shoes and they are a must have for the bride to be. Peep toes look great with ethnic as well as western wear and add that much needed glamour to the new bride. Pick up neutral colors like black or beige to ensure they go with most of your outfits.


Stilettos- If there is one category of shoes that would look flawless every time then they are stilettos. Available in all heel sizes ranging from 2 inches to 9 inches, stilettos ensure a chic looking and glamorous bride. Pick up studded stilettos for your wedding reception that shine up your occasion.


Mochris and Jutis- Mochris and jutis give the rustic grace and elegance to the bride. These are a must for a new bride since she needs to don a lot of ethnic wear. Mochris and jutis never go wrong in terms of style as well as comfort. The nawabi footwear are available in multiple beautiful designs and colors and are easily available everywhere. You can also pick multiple styles and colors based on your different outfits as these do not cost much.


Wedges- Wedges are even heeled footwear with straps. The footwear ensure comfort with heels as the pressure is equally distributed in the ankles. Thus wedges are a comfort option to look great. Do not forget to carry these beauties during your honeymoon as they will add the much needed zing to your feet and will also keep you comfortable during your travel.


Flip Flops- You must be thinking why we included flip flops in our list of gorgeous footwear. Well, it is for one simple reason- comfort. The bride will surely be tired and have had sore ankles after trying on the beautiful yet painful footwear. At this point all she would ever ask for is the cushioned up heavenly flip flops that would relieve her feet of all the pain. Remember, healthy feet ensure a happy woman.


So whenever you pick stuff for your trousseau do ensure you add the above shoes in it. Remember to ensure that you pick the correct size, correct color and do not forget to walk around in them before buying to avoid last minute hassles.


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  1. Ami Bhat says:

    Those flip-flops are so pretty. I agree, they are the most essential for you really have crazy leg pains after a reception.


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