Essential pre-bridal beauty treatments: Don’t miss them


It is the dream of every bride to look spotless and flawless, beautiful on the day of her wedding. It is the day when all eyes are on the bride and she wants to make an impact on all the onlookers. If you are planning to get married, make sure that you follow the essential pre-bridal beauty treatments for the glow and shine. Before you start taking the pre-bridal sessions, it is important to know that not only your face, but hair, entire body, hands and feet require special treatment and polishing. So, get the complete head to toe treatments a month or two before the wedding. Read on and don’t miss the tips:

Pre-Bridal Treatment for Face:


As already mentioned, a pretty face is not enough for a bride who wants a jaw dropping look. Having a radiant face is what you need for that you need treatments like, regular cleansing, toning, massage along with bleaching of facial hair, so that the tanning, spots on the face and other marks are lightened. Exfoliating of skin through treatments helps in getting radiance. Facial done twice in a month will improve the texture of the face of bride. Get the eyebrows and upper lips removed through threading and if you have facial hair, which are prominent, there are treatments available.

Pre-Bridal Treatment for Body:


If you think that polishing your face is the only task you need to get done, you are wrong, because when it comes to marriage, you need to get your entire body polished. There are many beauty treatments for body which are relaxing and help in looking attractive and beautiful. Start a regime to keep your body maintained. Eat juicy fruits; drink a lot of water and juices. Avoid spices and oily food. It will help in having a glowing skin. Get body exfoliation done followed by body massage. It will polish your body and remove the dead cells from your skin. There are body packs available which will lighten your body color and give a glow. Get the complete body wax done, which includes bikini wax as well.

Pre-Bridal Treatment for Hands & Feet:


Hands and feet are the parts which get the attention of everyone. Be it engagement or Mehandi ceremony, your hands and feet should look gorgeous and beautiful. For that you should get the regular manicure and pedicure done on a weekly basis.

Pre-Bridal Treatment for Hair:


Healthy and shiny hair is beautiful and none of the brides will like bad hair on the special day of her life. For strong and attractive hair, you will have to follow some treatments like hair, spa, it will smoother your hair and give them a shining texture plus helps in fighting split, ends and hair fall. You can also oil your hair and give steam at home before getting them washed with a shampoo and apply conditioner each time you wash your hair at home. If you have dandruff, make sure to get rid of it because it looks unhygienic. If you color your hair, make sure to do it in advance because you cannot leave it for the last minute.


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