Tips to Enhance the Romance on First Night of Wedding

First Night of Wedding

The ring of wedding bell brings together the beast of first wedding night. First Night of Wedding is a moment for which everyone awaits with excitement, fun, romance and loves to be shared with the partner. It is the time when you can bestow all your feelings and start the new life with confidence and trust on each other. The love and affection you have shared on that night is valuable for bride and groom for entire life. With a lot of dreams for making your moments exceptional and satisfying your partner you enter into the room but a wrong move can spoil the fun. Here is when you need the true guidance to express your spirits on the right track. Read these tips and have fun.

  • Slow And Steady Wins The Heart: You are life partners now, would be living entire life together then what’s the point in being hurried. Be slow and clam. Give time to yourself in settling down and relaxing from the tiresome rituals. Be cool and easy. Exchange smiles and begin the conversation. Know each other’s comfort level in an unsaid-unheard manner and made your partner feel that she/he is a right company. During this course of time you are mentally and emotionally prepared for the next step.

Slow And Steady Wins

  • Gifts Gives Giggles: Exchange the most romantic and/or funny gifts you feel. Gifts are the easiest way to upgrade your communication to next level. There are n number of gifts that can be exchanged on first night of wedding which would enhance your love and express your feelings in a better way. Gifts are best when they could be personalized and presented with a theme behind them.

Gifts Gives Giggles

  • Share the Romance in You: If you are good at writing, write something for your partner and recite it in a romantic mood. Even if you cannot write in form of poem or verse, express your feelings about your partner, this wedding knot, future plans and ofcourse the complete scene. This would turn out to be a perfect foundation for the next morning.

Share the Romance in You

  • Feel Every Second of It: Turn off the table clock and cover the wall clock, feel the seconds passing one by one. Enjoy every bit of them. You may count breathes and listen to heartbeats. Remember! Nights would come daily, but this is the only night you have once in a lifetime. So don’t waste it in sleeping and talking unnecessarily.

Feel Every Second of It

  • Get, Set and Go: Now, is the time when your foundation for the first night is built. By now, you are charged and ready to make your partner happy. Begin with the confidence and make this night immortal.

Get, Set and Go

Yes, it is suggestion not to talk about the past of your life this time. It is not the time to discuss like-unlike and favour-against arguments. Follow the 5Cs of First Wedding Night; be calm, composed, confident, concise and caring with your partner. Surely, this tips would enhance romance on First Wedding Night.


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