5 Reasons Why Love Marriage Is A Better Idea


Love Marriage!!!a decision, a step and a thought to which almost all the elder family members and societies deny. It is believed that Love Marriages do not success and are a result of just attraction or infatuation between two people of opposite gender in their youth. It is assumed that arranged marriages are better and more firm than love marriages as the pair is selected for one another by individuals who are mature and more knowledgeable. On the other hand there are a few people who believe that love marriages are superior as they permit individuals the independence to choose the companion that they desire rather than having to merely agree for the companion chosen for them by someone else. Here are top 5 reasons why love marriages is a better idea than arrange marriage:

  • You Know Your Partner Better: In contrary to arrange marriage, you know your partner better here as you had already spent a quality time with each other before deciding for wedding. You know beforehand each other’s like-unlike, preferences, choices, favourites and everything that would help you in channelizing the daily routine in a smoother way.

Couple hugging at home

  • You Solely Own The Responsibility For The Success Or Failure Of The Wedding: In most cases, love marriages are a success and thus you can be proud of your choice every time someone praises you as a couple or your partner for being good. In case of any failure, which ofcourse would not happen, you will learn a lesson for life. Thus you become a better person by selecting a life partner of your choice.


  • Better Understanding: You better understand each other’s mentality and way of thinking which helps you in deciding who will do what and how? In todays advanced world, even the female partner wants to work but it might possible the male partner would not like it. Love marriages provide you with a platform where you can decide to be the part of once thinking or not which in case of arranged marriages isn’t possible.


  • Well Planned Future: If couple is a working one, they can decide well in advance about the family planning as in the period of their relationship they have already been so close to each other to discuss this matter in an open way. They can also plan about their honeymoon and other moments which would for sure increase their love for each other in future as well.


  • No one Looses Individuality: Love marriages have a beautiful advantage that rather than looking to oneself, one looks to their spouse to discover what they want or need.They safeguard the sense of personal identity and aid guard against being overawed by the demands of others.Issues around authority and control infrequently take up much importance in a “grown-up” relationship.

No-one-Looses Individuality

So these reasons prove why love marriage is a better idea than arranged marriage to take off for a happy go lucky life. Prove arranged marriage wrong and go for a partner of your choice.


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