Top 5 Bollywood Divas Who Are Daddy’s Little Girls

daddy's Little Girls

Daddy-Daughter relationship is much more cherished than any other relationship in the world. It has the fun, drama, adventure, sentimental and even daring element in it. For daughters, daddies’ hug is safest place to be in. Daddies, for daughters are their friend, guide, caretaker, philosopher and even the very first teacher who teaches them “lessons of life”. Daddies are called as daughter’s first male friend in whose company she understands the meaning of relationship with a male. Though being a working man, daddy could spent a lesser time with daughter but whatever is spent, spent so well that it becomes a memory for life. Be it real life or reel life daddies and daughters are found everywhere sharing a special “connection” with other which is easily visible and felt by people around. Throwing a light here on Top 5 Bollywood Divas who are Daddy’s Little Girls:

  • Alia Bhatt: This daddy’s little and cute princess is advised by her father to use her fame for the right causes and not just limit it to films. Actress Alia Bhatt opines that father-daughter connections are “surely delightful”, and that was one of the causes why her father Mahesh Bhatt gets covetous about people in her life. Alia gives credit of her all success to her dad and is thankful for upbringing she is been given.

Alia Bhatt

  • Anushka Sharma: She is exceptionally close to her father and talks to him about everything which she can talk to no one else. Anushka attributes her achievement to her substantial nurture, which has help out to form her personality. Whenever she is sad, she just goes and sits next to her daddy which gives her comfort and soothe. Being a daughter of an army man, she is disciplined and dedicated. Anushka owes her each success as the result of guidance given by her dad.

Anushka Sharma

  • Shraddha Kapoor: Daughter of the Bollywood’s most dishonourable anti-hero Shakti Kapoor, Shraddha is gorgeous and bubbly. Recognized for her sizzling line and casual boldness she happily gives credits to her dad. She even credulouslyhas confidence that each time Shakti Kapoor watches one of her movies in Delhi, it turn out to be a super hit. The multi-talented Kapoor daughter is thankful to God of being blessed by her father.

Shraddha Kapoor

  • Sonakshi Sinha: Being daddy’s favourite she feels that her father, Shatrughan Sinha has spoilt her very much and she is being pampered more than her brothers; Luv and Kush. Many times in award shows and function she has even performed the famous dialogue of her father; “Khamosh”.

Sonakshi Sinha

  • Sonam Kapoor: Bollywood’sthis diva considers her father, Anil Kapoor as the finest actor in India. She has a very pleasant and close connection with him. Anil, too, is an affectionate dad who coddles Sonam a lot. She is nicknamed as Giraffe by her dad. She has constantly been emotionally involved to her dad which is fairly noticeable in all her photographs, right from her babyhood to current Red Carpet ones. She is always seen figure-hugging on to dad.

Sonam Kapoor

These and many more Daddy’s Little Girls are now and were Bollywood Divas at some and other time. Share your bind with your dad and be her Diva.


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