Katrina Kaif Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Figure, Affairs, Income, family

katrina kaif

Katrina Kaif’s Biography
Katrina Kaif Real Name Katrina Turquotte
Katrina Kaif Nickname Kat, Katz, Katty
Katrina Kaif Profession Actress, Model
Katrina Kaif Debut Movie Boom (2003)
Katrina Kaif’s Physical Stats
Katrina Kaif Height 174 cm, 5 feet 8½ inches (5′ 8½”)
Katrina Kaif Weight 58 Kg, 127 Pounds
Katrina Kaif Figure Measurements 34-26-36
Katrina Kaif Eye Colour Brown
Katrina Kaif Hair Colour Brown
Katrina Kaif’s Personal Information
Katrina Kaif Date of Birth 16 July 1983
Katrina Kaif Age (as in 2016) 32
Katrina Kaif Zodiac Cancer
Katrina Kaif Birth Place Hong Kong, China
Katrina Kaif Nationality British
Katrina Kaif Hometown London, England
Katrina Kaif Father Mohammad Kaif (British businessman)
Katrina Kaif Mother Suzanne Turquotte (English lawyer)
Katrina Kaif Sister Stephanie, Christine and Natasha (elder sisters)
Melissa, Sonia and Isabel (younger sisters)
Katrina Kaif Brother Michael (elder)
Katrina Kaif Religion Islam
Katrina Kaif Affairs, Boyfriend Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor
Katrina Kaif Husband NA
Katrina Kaif Hobbies Dancing
Katrina Kaif Schools home-schooled by tutors
Katrina Kaif College Indira Gandhi National Open University
Katrina Kaif’s Income
Katrina Kaif Price per Movie 10 Crores (INR)
Katrina Kaif Endorsement Fee NA)
Katrina Kaif Net Worth $6 Million


Deepika Padukone Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Figure, Affairs, Income, family


Deepika Padukone’s Biography
Deepika Padukone Real Name Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone Nickname Deepi, Deepz
Deepika Padukone Profession Actress, Model, Badminton player
Deepika Padukone Debut Movie Aishwarya, Om Shanti Om
Deepika Padukone’s Physical Stats
Deepika Padukone Height 174 cm, 5 feet 8½ inches (5′ 8½”)
Deepika Padukone Weight 58 Kg, 127 Pounds
Deepika Padukone Figure Measurements 34-26-36
Deepika Padukone Eye Colour Black
Deepika Padukone Hair Colour Dark Brown
Deepika Padukone’s Personal Information
Deepika Padukone Date of Birth January 5, 1986
Deepika Padukone Age (as in 2016) 30
Deepika Padukone Zodiac Capricorn
Deepika Padukone Birth Place Copenhagen, Denmark
Deepika Padukone Nationality Indian
Deepika Padukone Hometown Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Deepika Padukone Father Prakash Padukone (Former Indian Badminton Player)
Deepika Padukone Mother Ujjala Padukone (Worked as a Travel Agent)
Deepika Padukone Sister Anisha Padukone (Golfer)
Deepika Padukone Brother N/A
Deepika Padukone Religion Hindu
Deepika Padukone Affairs, Boyfriend Siddharth Mallya, Ranbir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh
Deepika Padukone Husband NA
Deepika Padukone Hobbies Dancing, Travelling, Reading, Playing Badminton
Deepika Padukone Schools Sophia High School, Bengalore, Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru
Deepika Padukone College Indira Gandhi National Open University
Deepika Padukone’s Income
Deepika Padukone Price per Movie 15 Crores (INR)
Deepika Padukone Endorsement Fee NA)
Deepika Padukone Net Worth $8 Million


Priyanka Chopra Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Figure, Affairs, Income, family

priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s Biography
Priyanka Chopra Real Name Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra Nickname Piggy Chops, Sunshine, Mimi, PC
Priyanka Chopra Profession Actress, Model, Singer, Songwriter
Priyanka Chopra Debut Movie The Hero: Love Story of a Spy
Priyanka Chopra’s Physical Stats
Priyanka Chopra Height 169 cm, 5 feet 6½ inches (5′ 6½”)
Priyanka Chopra Weight 53 Kg, 117 Pounds
Priyanka Chopra Figure Measurements 34-24-34
Priyanka Chopra Eye Colour Dark Brown
Priyanka Chopra Hair Colour Dark Brown
Priyanka Chopra’s Personal Information
Priyanka Chopra Date of Birth 18 July 1982
Priyanka Chopra Age (as in 2016) 34
Priyanka Chopra Zodiac Cancer
Priyanka Chopra Birth Place Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
Priyanka Chopra Nationality Indian
Priyanka Chopra Hometown Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
Priyanka Chopra Father late Dr. Ashok Chopra (Physician in Indian Army)
Priyanka Chopra Mother Dr. Madhu Chopra (Physician in Indian Army)
Priyanka Chopra Brother Siddharth Chopra (7 years younger)
Priyanka Chopra Sister N/A
Priyanka Chopra Religion Hindu
Priyanka Chopra Hobbies Singing, Dancing, Travelling
Priyanka Chopra Schools La Martiniere Girls’ School, Lucknow
St. Maria Goretti College, Bareilly
Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts
John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
Army Public School, Bareilly
Priyanka Chopra College Jai Hind College, Basant Singh Institute of Science in Churchgate, Bombay
Priyanka Chopra’s Income
Priyanka Chopra Price per Movie 4-5 Crores (INR)
Priyanka Chopra Endorsement Fee 0.65-0.75 lakhs INR (per day)
Priyanka Chopra Net Worth $8 Million


Ludhiana Wedding Planners will create the Most Scintillating Wedding


You might have organised smaller functions but managing a wedding is a different ballgame altogether. Managing a wedding can become extremely tiresome since there are so many tasks to be fulfilled and that too in an efficient and organised manner. The weddings in India are an extremely elaborate affair with many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions and each of these demands to be planned perfectly. The multiple functions and multitude of arrangements can tire anybody and all these need to be managed perfectly as anything can go wrong and that may spoil the whole fun of the wedding.  Thus to shift the burden of the wedding responsibilities to a professional, many couples and families are trusting wedding planners with the responsibility of planning their wedding so that the management if without any error and the families can enjoy in a stress free manner.

The Responsibility: Wedding planning company provide the best of services as they take the complete responsibility of the wedding and you do not need to worry at all. The professionally trained team of wedding planners do not leave anything for you and organize a dream wedding for you. They offer extremely creative ideas and all you need to do is choose the best ones among them. They also bring on the table their planning and organisational skills. Thus they are able to take care of all responsibilities right from the invitation cards till the last wedding function.


Experience: The most important and useful part of a wedding planning company is their enormous experience. They have a core team of highly professional people who have been planning weddings since long and therefore are extremely careful and experienced with the planning process. The Wedding Planners in Ludhiana, for instance, have been in the business for as long as 20 years and thus they can use their excellent management skills. These professionals can plan every wedding with intricate detail and have the best staff as far as the venue management and decoration goes.

Exotic Wedding Planners: One of the growing trends is destination weddings and so the wedding planners are the experts to handle this and in their field and ensure a stress free exotic wedding for the couple. They offer their best creative ideas and great planning that ensure a memorable wedding. The planners offer services for all types of functions including engagement and weddings. The wedding planners have a network of vendors who are spread everywhere and they are all experts in their respective fields and thus your wedding would be a perfect one.

So all you need to do is trust the wedding planners for any of your wedding related needs including theme planning, venue management and intricate wedding arrangement. These wedding planners are professionals who have excellent management skills. The best part about them is they involve the whole family in their intricate planning and arrangements. So whenever you plan a wedding in the family and want to remain stress free, do involve a good wedding planner.

Match-Making Experts: The Astrologers in Mumbai


When you and your family are unable to find the perfect life-partner for you, when there are doshas like mangal, saade-saati, kaalsarp etc. in your kundali and you need someone’s help to remove those doshas, when uncertainty about future bothers you,  finding a job, life-partner, success and happiness seems the most difficult tasks of life; all you need is to consult an Astrologer. Astrology in simple sense is the study of the connection between the solar places of the planets and happenings on earth. It can forecast the future to some level. Though the correctness and dependability of astrology hinge on the type and the fortune-teller himself/herself.

How These Astrologers Predict:  Astrology is a more a science and thus unlike other streams of science; it is also based upon the calculations. The Astrologers in Mumbai use the date, time and year of the birth to calculate the positions of stars and predict your future. Though deep and thoughtful calculations are made in order to avoid any flaw in making predictions still there are chances of any mis-calculation owing to the incorrect birth time mentioned. Many times it is also seen that views of different astrologers varies accordingly.

What Else These Astrologers Do?:  Astrologers could give advice about the best time to take a trip or reap a crop, detect and recommend for bodily or psychological disorders, and calculate natural calamities. These astrologers help you by councelling on personal and professional matters. There are many politicians that rely more on the predictions of astrologers than of exit poles. They can guide you about wearing the stones engraved in your rings or pendants based on your sun/moon sign. They also make kundali and janm patrikas based on the birth time and birth place. They are even helpful in determining the date and time of weddings and other pre-wedding rituals.

Astrology and Weddings: Visiting astrologers for Horoscope matching for marriage is a exercise that is being surveyed in India for a long time nowadays. The genetic charts of the boy and the girl are accorded to see if they will be like-minded. It is firmly tracked in the ancient days where arranged marriages were the only customs of marriage that was acknowledged by the society. The practice was trailed by families and astrologers are registered to do this job. Though, it is a way of guaranteeing that weddings are prosperous. It cannot be repudiated that there have been reasonably some marriages that were completed firmly grounded on horoscope matching and were not fruitful ultimately. Note that with the passage of time the conception of marriage has improved.

An astrologer earns his livelihood by making predictions for Rs.100/- to Rs.10000/- or so and he gives no surety that any of his forecasts will develop into true. There is no cash back promise. Once an astrologer sets up shop, individuals start visiting him/her in the anticipation that may be he/she will be competent enough to foretell their future appropriately.


10 Indo-Western Designer Labels You Must Own (and Wear) in 2016

Indian designers are always thought to create traditional Indian wear like sarees. But with each season, a new crop of designers are emerging who stick with indian fabrics but create beautiful western clothes.

Want to wear dresses and jumpsuits but want to support local Indian fashion designers? Here are the 10 collections you should shop from:

  1. Payal Khandwala

Payal Khandwala uses the magic of colour and texture to create minimal yet dramatic silhouettes. Her collection is full of shirt dresses, culottes and jumpsuits in iridescent fabrics and vibrant colors.Her attention to detail, love of geometry, and relentless self­expression permeates through every design.

Payal Khandwala1

Payal Khandwala1 (2)

  1. Bodice

Bodice makes contemporary clothes with impeccable tailoring, high­quality fabrics & a consistent, beautifully curated aesthetic. Creative Director Ruchika Sachdeva draws on her penchant for classics and men’s clothing. Bodice won the Vogue Fashion Fund award 2014 for being the most promising young label in India. In this collection, you will find blouses, trousers, simple dresses, shirts and blazers in minimalist colors which are perfect for office wear.

Ruchika Sachdeva



  1. Eka

Eka is makes comfortable and beautiful clothes you can live in. Eka’s fabrics are all custom­woven in India. The collections use handwoven linen and wool in simple shapes that are great as dresses and also great for layering with pants and long coats.



  1. Ikai

Ikai uses leather and fabric applique and unusual surface ornamentation in modern, minimal shapes. This collection has edgy pieces like busters, wide-pants and box dresses which are a refreshing departure from traditional embroideries. The label by designer Ragini Ahuja won the Elle Graduates 2014 award for the most promising young designers.



  1. Peachoo

This Paris­based designer uses sequins and hand embroidery on cotton in the subtlest, most elegant way. She plays with black and white with smatterings gold and silver. This collection is filled with tunics, asymmetrical tops and beaded-blouses.

Peachoo Datwani

Peachoo Datwani1

  1. Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra combines organic, handwoven fabrics, hand embroidery techniques and impeccable construction. His collections are stark, and modern even in their use of Indian techniques. It includes overlap dresses, sheer skirts and pencil skirts which are perfect for an urban­chic look.

Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra1

7 Akaaro

Akaaro by talented textile designer Gaurav Jai Gupta is minimal, modern and Japanese in it’s aesthetic. All Akaaro fabrics are originals, designed and hand­ woven in Akaaro’s own studio.The collection includes silk dresses and capes.



  1. Stephany

Stephany’s colorful flowy dresses in bright, summery colors are perfect to wear to the beach or lounge about at the resort on your vacations. Wear these simply as they are or dress them up a bit with earrings.



  1. Hemant & Nandita

All the pieces in this collection are statement­pieces. Reminiscent of tribal prints, all the dresses, kaftans and capes are enhanced with little details like tassels and neon embroidered hems.

Hemant & Nandita.jpg

Hemant & Nandita1


  1. Translate

Translate works with hand­woven ikat artisans to make contemporary, functional, beautifully detailed day wear. Best known for their button­down ikat kurtas which can double up as dresses. Throw one of those on over skinny pants or jeans and you have an effortless, fashion­forward outfit.

Vinita Passary


From the above, which one is your favourite collection? Leave us a comment.

Extravagant Banquets Of Ludhiana For All Your Needs


Weddings are made better with the right venue and this is one of the basic requirements for ensuring the wedding is grand and the guests leave happy. Therefore it is an essential requirement to ensure the right venue like an open garden, a hotel or a banquet is chosen for the wedding functions. A banquet is a part of every restaurant these days and they all provide a private party room or an elaborate banquet that accommodates 50 or more people and there are also some larger banquet facilities that can host about 500 to 2000 people. Banquets are an add-on business that helps the hotels and restaurants flourish and also offer great facility that can be useful to host receptions.

Package Deals: Banquets are a modern facility that offers package deals including all amenities and services. Thus these deals ensure all the facilities that are expected from a wedding venue are fulfilled at the single location without having to go for different arrangements. The prices of these packages are also pretty much economical and these provide deals that are at par with the competitor’s rates. An important enclosure of these banquets is the food and decor based on commission.

How to find the Banquet that fits your need: A banquet in a restaurant may have its own merits and demerits and it is important to weigh all the pros and cons and also to ensure you find a place that is the right fit for your occasion and the number of guests. Do indulge is some research before finalising on a banquet hall like talking to other people who may have already booked that banquet hall that will provide the correct feedback. Do look for all the basics of the space like the number of people that can be accommodated, the package facilities and any other facilities provided by the banquet.

The Services and the Price: Banquet halls have their prices based on the kinds of package or services they provide to the guests and a hall that can accommodate 500 people, costs from Rs. 1,00,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/-. Banquets in Ludhiana include decor, food, management and some other minor services. The prices may also depends on the total space, number of guests as well as the location and ambiance of the space or the restaurant or hotel chain that it is a part of. The accommodated furnishings the space also affect the prices.

Banquets also offer many updates and additional facilities like dance floor, furnishings and equipment, wall coverings, wall décor or any other customized requirements that may be needed by the guests. Modern day banquet halls also include audio visual equipment, a DVD projector, LCD projector and some other facilities like sound systems. They sometimes also offer stage for brides and also provide additional rooms for the guests. These halls increase the facilities and comforts for the wedding guests not just through food and beverages, but also by managing everything well under one roof so that the guests leave happily.

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Physical Fitness through Gyms of Chandigarh



Most of us love to stay fit as it improves our mental health, our personality and also provides us the chance to look good. While we would love to have all the above benefits yet we sometimes avoid hitting the gym out of lack of time or sheer boredom and laziness. But there is no denying that stay in shape helps us in the long run especially at occasions when we need to meet a lot of people and one such occasion is wedding. Being fit before your wedding day has its own perks, this will improve your appearance, you will have a glowing skin, your body will become flexible, and also you will be able to handle the stress associated with planning your wedding and future in a much better and positive manner.




Why Gyms? Health, fitness and better mental health go hand in hand and this is a very basic yet important need especially when you are getting married. The time of your wedding is the time when one wants to look and feel good. This helps you in a variety of ways as it helps you look most gorgeous, fit into that particular wedding dress, burns off the stress hormones and kicks in  the happy ones and also gets you ready to be on your ties, literally! Thus adopting a good fitness regime helps you ensure that you meet your daily health goals especially during the wedding season.

The Growing Levels Of Inactivity Call For Gyms: Gyms in India are a growing trend and there are many gymming and fitness chains sprouting up these days as compared to about 20 years ago This may have 2 major reasons, reason one is the increasing health consciousness and awareness among the people and reason two is the growing levels of inactivity among the younger population as with the pay scales, people are sitting more on desks. Thus in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle, people has hit the gyms. This is evident from the fact that almost every gym in Chandigarh has its customers in the younger population.

What all is available? The premium healthcare chains of the world are now also available in India and this ensures world-class equipments with a certified team of trainers, managers, dieticians, and physiotherapists. These health chains also provide best value services in the sense that in a single membership they provide various services like cardio training, weight training, steam/sauna, aerobics, yoga, spa and many other services. Most gyms also offer yearly fitness packages and customized training.  They use the best equipment the yearly fitness packages may cost anywhere from around Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- per month.

The above mentioned health packages are not just for fitness, but they also ensure the customers adopt long lasting fitness regime and practice it for long. These exercises are extremely helpful in building strength, stamina, and mobility and this is of much use in our day to day affair then what to say of special occasions like wedding.

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Develop The Confidence in Personality Development Classes of Chandigarh


Personality has been defines as the expression of the thoughts of a person and his feelings along with his behaviour in public as well as private spaces. It is an important vehicle for self expression and helps a person go a long way in his professional as well as personal life. A poor personality can harm a person in several ways; it can lower his self-confidence and makes him shy in opening up with other people at public gatherings. Thus personality plays important role in our day-to-day life along with during special occasions when you need to interact with a lot of people like during your engagement, haldi, mehandi, and other wedding rituals. A person with a positive personality will be confident in emoting, talking, walking, in addition to self presentation.

What Is The Need Of A Pleasant Personality? The personality of a person is the reflection of his/her thoughts and the behaviour reflects a good or a negative personality. A positive self image improves personality of a person and makes him feel confident that in turns makes him attractive to the people. If a person has a good personality, then it helps them talk better and also opens the door to a positive flow of communicate that helps a person leave a good impression in front of others. Hence many people have a lot of problems in dealing with the personal and professional life due to a bad personality. This can also lead to depression.

Importance Of Building Good Personality Before Your Wedding: A good personality is extremely important before a wedding since this is that time when the bride/groom needs to interact with the guests, your relatives and therefore a desirable personality to improve your relationship with your in-laws and to leave a lasting impression on your guests. So it is a good idea to join some personality development classes before your D-day as they provide comprehensive services like improving the accent, getting rid of the regional influences and also of learning public conducts. Along with these services, they also teach public speaking skills and body language. Personality development also induces positive thinking in the people and helps them gain confidence especially during public interactions. These classes help create dynamic personality.

Requirements in A Personality Development Classes: While engaging the services of a personality development classes, it is important to ensure the staffs is well trained and is professional and experienced enough. The classes should also focus on grooming and should help a person express themselves in public gatherings with dignity and helps boosts the morale and increase the self-motivation of their clients. The classes help in expressing in a crowd and this proves useful during functions like weddings. The Personality Development Classes in Chandigarh may cost anywhere between Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 20000/- for single module. Personality is important for self-motivation and for self-confidence and increases vigour and enthusiasm in the people. The classes also help in changing a person’s outlook and make them more positive.

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The Makeup Artists In Ludhiana Are Turning Professional And How!


The bridal make-up and beauty is one of the most significant aspects of a wedding and it requires a lot of attention too. Good makeup ensures brilliant pictures and this in turn ensures great memories for the bride to be who can with the right look hold herself with confidence, elegance and optimism throughout the wedding. Thus to make sure the beauty of the bride is at its epitome during the wedding, it is extremely important to find the right make-up artist or beautician who will understand the need of the bride and will fulfil her requirement of look and makeup in a customised manner. A lot of research needs to be done to find the right makeup artist who will get the bride the beauty that she much deserves. The right makeup also improves the expressions of the new bride and also changes her overall persona.

Makeup Artists And Their Responsibility: One of the primary responsibilities of the bride is to look beautiful so that she graces the wedding with her elegance and the right makeup artist helps her do just that as this is the time when she will meet a lot of new people and thus looking great helps her a lot. To engage the services of the right makeup artist or a beautician who is professional enough and has immense experience, one needs to do a lot of research so that the right person is found.


Professionalism Brings Great Result: The idea of hiring a professional beautician is extremely helpful and brings great results especially if the bride wants a glowing and gorgeous look. An important factor that affects the work and professionalism of a make-up artist is the scale and experience. Metro cities for instance have beauticians and make-up artists that have their own beauty chains and a professional staff. The grooming of the overall personality of the bride is also taken care of by such beauticians and this helps her overcome her inhibitions.

The City and The Beauty Trends: Most beauty chains work on professionalism and experience and this trend is also gaining its feet in smaller towns. The Makeup Artists in Ludhiana are becoming professional and the most important advantage of such small town beauticians doing well is that no matter what the city is, the great wedding memories are ensured. The idea is to have great wedding pictures no matter where you live.  

What Are The Price Expectations Of These Beauticians? The make-up artists and beauticians are making their presence felt in multiple locations and with many services that were earlier un-thought of. The prices of this professional makeup artist depend on a lot of factor including the number of days or the events and the approximate costs range from Rs. 20000/- to Rs. 50000/- for a day.

The best look of the bride is what she expects from her beautician and this gives her the confidence to enjoy her wedding with vigour and enthusiasm and this makes her the centre of attraction on the most important day.

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